Troubled Waters: Southern Studies Institute Index of BP Disaster

INSTITUTE INDEX: Gulf recovery two years after the BP disaster

Date on which BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and burned: 4/20/2010

Number of rig workers killed: 11

Number of days the oil flowed into the Gulf of Mexico: 87

Gallons of crude oil spilled: about 200 million

Gallons of chemical dispersants applied to the slick: 1.8 million

Peak length in miles of Gulf Coast shoreline where oiling from the BP disaster was apparent: 1,096

As of late February 2012, length in miles of Gulf Coast shoreline where oiling was still apparent: 450

Estimated percentage of BP’s spilled oil that remains unaccounted for: 60

Thickness in inches of deposits of BP’s spilled oil uncovered near Port Fourchon, La. by Tropical Storm Lee in September 2011: 18

Factor by which dolphin strandings in the spill-affected area between April 2010 and March 2012 exceed the historical average for a similar time period: 4

Percent by which some Gulf fishermen report their catches were down as of October 2011: 80

Date on which the National Institutes of Health announced the launch of a health study of cleanup workers and volunteers exposed to BP’s oil: 2/28/2011

Rank of this study among the largest ever conducted of oil spill cleanup workers: 1

Amount BP paid out for damage claims under its Gulf Coast Claims Facility: over $6 billion

Number of individuals and businesses that had their claims paid: over 220,000

Date that claims payments switched to a court-run process as part of a proposed settlement of a lawsuit against BP: 3/23/2012

Factor by which the processing of claims payments increased after the transition: 4

Amount BP expects to pay out in claims under the settlement: $7.8 billion

Amount BP has already agreed to pay for early ecological restoration projects as the Natural Resources Damage Assessment continues: $1 billion

Total amount in fines BP could end up paying under the Clean Water Act: $5 billion to $20 billion

Profits earned by BP in 2011: $26 billion